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How to Avoid Global Bathroom Repair Mistakes

For several years 90% of all our orders have been bathrooms in standard houses. And, if all series of bathrooms are similar, then everywhere there are similar options or a set of construction operations, which have already shown themselves in practice!

So, the first thing you need to know is: what is fundamentally important to you for the project! There are always some reference points, such as a shower of a certain size or a bathtub, where you want a heated towel rail and washing machine, lockers, shelves and a mixer to which children can reach. At first, we consider all this in the real dimensions of our bathroom.

How to Avoid Global Bathroom Repair Mistakes

The second important stage is the question of which partitions can be broken to unite the bathroom and toilet or simply expand the area at the expense of space after the removal of the falsehood. Association of bathrooms is better to produce if the house is regularly inhabited by up to 3 people. And what is falshstena and how to break them? The fact is that the sanitary plumbing is an independent element with partitions made of concrete or reinforced gypsum, which is installed by a crane when building a house. The cabin is installed both independently and next to the main walls. Those. After dismantling, 8-10 cm of space appears. It happens that it is these treasured centimeters that are needed to install your equipment! For example, in Khrushchevka instead of along the installed bath of 150 cm you can install a bathtub 160 cm, breaking the front false wall, and when installing a bath across 130 cm, this 10 cm will add a free space at the time of the morning toilet, and also create the convenience to bathe the kids.

The third most important factor is the transfer of the risers of water supply and heating to the technical zone or to the walls in such a way as to free space. You probably noticed that the risers somehow occupy a lot of space in the toilet, and if they just close the box, the place will not be left at all (in the series 504, three risers in a row occupy 30 cm of volume!) In the toilet 120 * 80 cm even 10 cm of space is really a lot! If your risers are installed in the bathroom, the decision to remove the risers in the technical area of ​​the toilet will bring you plenty of free space for the sink, or maybe even a washing machine!

How to Avoid Global Bathroom Repair Mistakes

Fourth. Hide the pipes in the walls! Yes, yes, and do not doubt! Modern materials and the way they are mounted on the press make it possible to be sure of their reliability for 20-30 years before the next repair. This method of installation helps to free up space behind the washing machine, sink and other equipment. Sewage of 50 mm at the points of the socket of 60 mm, add more fasteners to the wall and the construction of the gypsum board box, total 100 mm, and this is the space that is released when the washing machine is installed to the wall. Impressive?

Important details:

  • Boldly shift the place of the entrance opening to the right and left, if required by the project.
  • Transfer the towel from the place above the sink into the technical area above the washing machine.
  • Turn the bathtub 180 degrees and mixer with it, if it is convenient.
  • Spread on both sides a gas column and a mixer, water should not fall on it!
  • The warm floor on the bathroom and toilet feed on one regulator, it will save your money
  • Buy a washing machine in the bathroom to 40 cm or less; it will free you a vital space. There is nothing worse than a littered bathroom.

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