Choosing the Best Air Conditioners: Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Air Conditioning Systems

A good air conditioner is not a cheap purchase, and its choice should be paid attention. Each equipment store offers dozens of models, but which air conditioner is better and how do they differ from each other?

Optimal Choice for an Apartment, House or Office

The most important parameter to consider when choosing an air conditioner is the area of ​​the room. The bigger it is, the more powerful the air conditioner should be. If the power is insufficient, the air conditioner simply can not cope with the cooling, especially in hot weather. At the same time, if it is too powerful, the energy expenditure will be unreasonably high. In addition, the air conditioner will often turn off and on, as the desired air temperature in a small room is reached quickly. And constant switching will accelerate its wear.

Therefore, for smaller rooms and offices it is better to choose low-power air conditioners, and for larger halls of houses and larger offices, more powerful models. On average, approximately 2.5 kW of power is required to cool 25 cu. meters (or 1 kW of power for cooling every 10 square meters for rooms with a ceiling of 2.5 meters). If the room has powerful heating appliances or there are usually a lot of people in it, the power may be slightly higher.

Of great importance is also the type of air conditioner. Let us consider the peculiarities of the work of the main ones.

Window Conditioners

This is an inexpensive and compact option, which is built into the window leaf. Very simple design, in which all components are assembled in one block. Now such conditioners are unpopular because of the high noise level at their work and impossibility of installation on modern plastic windows – if, of course, the hole for it was not provided initially.

Choosing the Best Air Conditioners

Mobile Air Conditioners

This option is suitable for those who rent an apartment for a short time, they are also popular among summer residents. The mobile air conditioner does not require installation and dismantling, it can simply be moved from place to place. The disadvantages of such models are high noise level, bulky and small cooling area – no more than 25 square meters.

Split Systems

To date, this is the most popular model of air conditioners, consisting of two units – internal and external. Blocks can be located up to 20 meters from each other. The split system is distinguished by its low noise level, small size, and variety of functions. Such air conditioners are equipped with the most modern air filters and have airflow control systems. Wall split systems are designed for rooms with an area from 15 to 90 square meters. meters. Perhaps, this is the best air conditioner for an apartment.

Multi-split System

Such conditioners differ from the previous type by the number of indoor units. Multi-split systems have several indoor units (usually 2 to 5) and only one external. This is a good conditioner for apartments and offices, consisting of several rooms, but it is distinguished by a high price. Multi-split systems are often chosen when it is not possible to place a large number of blocks on the facade of the building – for example, if the building is an architectural monument or the owners simply do not want to spoil the appearance of the house.

VRF and VRV Systems

They are an improved version of the traditional multi-split system, designed to cool large areas – shopping and exhibition halls, cinemas, restaurants, concert halls, as well as rooms with a large number of rooms. The service area is from 150 to 500 sq. M. meters. Such systems are multi-zone, that is, one internal unit can be connected to several internal ones. This allows you to maintain the necessary temperature in rooms with different microclimate.

Choosing the Best Air Conditioners

Ducted Air Conditioners

They are related to semi-industrial air-conditioning systems. Such air conditioners are mounted behind a false ceiling, which completely hides the indoor unit. Distribution of chilled air is carried out through a system of air ducts, which are also located in the interstitial space. One such conditioner is enough to create a comfortable climate in a small cottage, office or apartment of 4-5 rooms. Ducted air conditioners also solve the issue of ventilation. The disadvantages include the difficulty of separately adjusting the temperature in different rooms and the need to install suspended ceilings.

Cassette Conditioners

This type of air conditioners resembles the above and also requires suspended ceilings. The difference is in the internal block constructions – cassette type air conditioners distribute the cooled air through the lower part of the unit having a standard size of ceiling tile, – 600×600 mm. Such conditioners do not spoil the interior, they are not visible because the bottom is visible only decorative lattice. Cassette conditioners evenly distribute the air in all directions, and one air conditioner is sufficient to cool a fairly large room.

Choosing the Best Air Conditioners

Floor-and-Ceiling Conditioners

This type of air conditioners is very compact, the indoor unit has a very shallow depth -. 18-25 cm They are installed either in the lower part of the wall or on the ceiling. In the first case, the airflow is directed upwards, in the second case – horizontally along the ceiling. Floor-pod potolochye air-conditioners are designed to cool rooms of 50-200 square meters. meters.

Colon Air Conditioners

Usually used in hotel lobbies, restaurants, conference rooms, shops and other similar facilities. They do not require installation. Air conditioners of this type create a strong air flow directed upwards. As a result, the required temperature is set extremely quickly even in the most spacious room.

Precision Air Conditioners

“Precision” comes from the English word precision – exact. These stand-alone column air conditioners are used to accurately maintain the temperature, humidity and air mobility parameters. Most often they are used in technological rooms, where maintaining the right temperature is especially important – in machine rooms, server rooms, as well as in museums, book depositories, chemical laboratories. Precision air conditioners can withstand very high loads and work 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Choose a manufacturer After you have decided on the type of air conditioner you need, you can choose a model. Today, dozens of manufacturers from different countries are present on the market, and sometimes the price for very similar models varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. To buy a good air conditioner, which will last a long time, you need to understand which products of manufacturers are represented on the market today.

Choosing the Best Air Conditioners

Category “economy” To the inexpensive, while quality and reliable air conditioners include products Shivaki (Japan), Dantex (Italy) and Hyundai (Korea). The factories of these companies are located in China, all production is controlled by company representatives. In the manufacture of these air conditioners, high-quality components are used. Each of these firms – a wide range of models, and the best of them in no way inferior to the air conditioning of more famous manufacturers.

Category “Middle” Among the middle class are such famous Japanese brands as Toshiba and Panasonic. These manufacturers offer the best balance between value and quality. Even the most budgetary models have good characteristics and can last for many years.

Category “premium” The best conditioners are produced by Mitsubishi and Daikin – companies that set standards in the market. These air conditioners are very reliable regardless of the place of assembly. The history of Daikin is 80 years, this company specializes in air conditioning. Each model is comprehensively tested before shipping to stores, and such careful monitoring allows the manufacturer to guarantee the highest quality. The second flagship of this industry, Mitsubishi, produces more than 2.5 million air conditioners a year. According to the results of independent tests, Mitsubishi air conditioners were recognized as the most reliable in the world.

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