Comparative Guide of the Different Types of Sewing Machines

In a society where patriarchy prevails despite the emancipation of women and the equality of conditions, sewing is too often seen as an exclusively feminine activity, as if men could do anything but sew and care for the house. Luckily, things are changing.

Making a garment sewn by hand helps to avoid the satiety of perforated or broken fabrics: with a good sewing machine, it is not necessary to buy a garment.

You just have to learn how to sew and then  choose your sewing machine according to certain specific criteria:

  • Electronic or mechanical sewing machine?
  • What brand to choose?
  • How many points?
  • Which sewing machine is the best for beginners ?

What brand will allow me to better make a hem, a cushion cover, a zipper or sew my leather sofa?

It is always said that it is not the instrument that makes the garment, but the seamstress (or the seamstress).

Certainly, you do not necessarily need a professional sewing machine to sew a fabric. But given the impressive variety of sewing machines, the choice may seem difficult.

Do you want a good sewing machine , but do not know the technical characteristics of each brand? In this article, the Superprof team analyzes the criteria so you know how to choose your sewing machine.

Choose the machine according to the type of seam you want to make

It’s like buying a guitar: there is no interest in buying a modern Takamine if you just started in music.

In sewing, the same thing happens. The type of machine to choose will be different depending on the frequency of use and the seams that you want to create or make :

  • Depending on whether you are a beginner or have an advanced and experienced level;
  • Depending on whether you want to sew and embroider on Sundays or every day of the week;
  • As you want to make small touches, small creations or redo your wardrobe.

Before buying a new sewing machine, you have to  reflect on the use you want to give it. If you are starting and plan to sew intermittently or if you are a beginner,  you do not need a professional sewing machine of last generation.

Comparative Guide of the Different Types of Sewing Machines

First criterion you should compare: the stitches. There are different stitches, such as the straight point, the zigzag point, the invisible point, the reinforced straight point, the reinforced zigzag,  etc.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that a beginner seamstress does not need a machine equipped with 150 points, especially since all the machines are equipped with the basic points (straight and zigzag point), which allows you to have fun.

On the other hand, if you want to unleash your creative ideas  or acquire a higher level, a slightly more sophisticated machine will make you evolve and progress with time.

For example, to make clothes, it will be necessary to use a sewing machine with which you can work all the fabrics (jeans, stretch fabrics, etc.) and make a nice buttonhole, a touch-up on a dress, skirts with an invisible hem or pants .

Finally, keep in mind the volume of the machine: if you are going to use the machine a little, then it is better to acquire a compact sewing machine,  which is easy to store.

On the contrary, if you are going to use it often, it will be better to buy a fixed machine, with an illuminated work surface or even a piece of furniture for the sewing machine.

To summarize, the criteria you have to take into account when choosing a sewing machine are:

  • Your sewing level,
  • The type of points you want to make,
  • The options of the sewing machine,
  • The frequency of use.

Choose the Sewing Machine According to Your Level and Budget

Like a car or a musical instrument, the price is a very important variable when buying a sewing machine.

There is a wide range of prices, from € 100 to over € 1000, so take your time to compare them before deciding.

It is important to think about the objectives you want to achieve: do you want to have an overlock to save time,  buy a simple sewing machine just to start sewing and repairing your clothes or the best sewing machine to practice high-end sewing ?

In short, you can find the best sewing machines for beginners with prices between $60 and $100. This is the case of the SilverCrest, which can be found in Lidl, the famous German group of low-cost supermarkets.

A mid-range sewing machine will cost between € 220 and € 500 and a high-end machine costs € 950.

Do You Have to Give a Gift to a Seamstress

Most machines have an automatic or manual needle threading, to, as the name implies, thread the needle.

Above € 200, what will influence the choice of the sewing machine is the quality of the brand and the number of options available:

  • Thread cutter,
  • Automatic buttonhole,
  • Speed ​​regulator,
  • Needle stop position,
  • Presser foot,
  • Needle threader,
  • Number of points,
  • Price.

Also keep in mind that  a sewing machine with length and width adjustments will be much more comfortable than a non-adjustable machine,  which will be more difficult to handle.

Choose According to the Type of Machine

Most sewing machines operate with  a knotted knitting system with upper and lower threads. The lower thread is fed by the bobbin, one of the central parts of any machine.

In the market of sewing machines, there are several types of machines: mechanical and electrical sewing machines.

The mechanical sewing machine is suitable for small budgets. Preferred by professional dressmakers and seamstresses, it has many possibilities for adjustments because  it can be done manually.

Who does not know the traditional   Singer sewing machine with foot presser foot, which was created in 1851?

However, if you opt for this type of machine, you must know all its parts and how it works like the palm of your hand and you will have to have experience in sewing to be able to make your creations.

The electric sewing machine, on the other hand, is more expensive, but is perfect for beginners, since it will do all the work itself thanks to its  automatic settings (width and length adjustment, threading, automatic buttonhole, dot program, etc.), which facilitates its use. It is not necessary to know the operation of an electrical machine Singer, Pfaff, Brother or Husqvarna.

This type of machine offers a comfortable sewing material and, in addition, an electronic machine will be quieter than a mechanical machine for sewing by hand.

On the other hand, the repair of electrical machines is simpler than that of mechanical machines, since the technology has evolved a lot and there is no need to disassemble the entire body of the device to find the problem. Now, the technician only has to reconnect a cable or update the software of the machine!

Comparative Guide of the Different Types of Sewing Machines


The Different Brands of Sewing Machines

Now Let’s Compare the Different Brands of Sewing Machines

The  Singer machine has long been the reference in sewing for housewives and seamstresses of the 19th century until recently. But competition and globalization have made many other brands appear  in the market and have dethroned the Singer of the first place in the ranking of the best machines.

For example, the most recognized brands at present are the Bernina (beginners can choose the Bernina 215, easy to transport and handle), the Husqvarna and the Pfaff (durable, powerful and easy to use sewing machines). A Pfaff Passport 2.0 or Passport 3.0 sewing machine will be ideal to start sewing.

These Are of Good Quality, but There Are Others :

Elna  is for beginners who want to sew with a mechanical machine, for example, the Elna eXplore 240 or the Elna 3210 Jeans, a mechanical machine whose sturdiness allows to sew thicker cheap fabrics

  • Janome
  • Brother : easy to use, known for its Innov Is range, for beginners
  • Bernette,
  • Toyota

Well, we already have everything necessary to sew: bobbins, sewing machine, threads, etc. But how can you learn to sew? You have to take sewing classes  at home or sewing course online ! Check out the Superprof platform to find your ideal sewing teacher!

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