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Comparison of The Best Mattress: Tests and Reviews

Are you looking for the best mattress to buy online ? Choosing a unique mattress seems complicated?

You do not know which brand to choose between Eve, Casper, Simba, Bruno, Emma or Tediber?

Rest assured ! You are in the right place to see more clearly with our comparative mattress update .

You will find on our website a selection of the best mattresses with tests and opinions on different mattresses of course.

We are Thomas and Sophie, a young thirty-something couple and we share on this site our different tests on mattresses sold on the internet and delivered to you that we have been able to try in recent years.

It all started the day we decided to change our old mattress and ordered our first mattress on the internet.

Then came a second to test and compare the differences, then a third …

We finally came up with a complete mattress comparison that we present on this blog.

We would like to point out that we are not paid to say good of a mattress, our opinions are sincere and we take a lot of pleasure to test each mattress to find and define what is the best mattress of the moment.

It is still a bit of a war between us because we each have our little preference.

The 5 brands that are part of our selection of the best mattresses of the moment offer mattresses that you can buy on the internet and that are delivered to you in a carton. The concept is really original since the different brands offer only one mattress. No need to go to stores choose a mattress in 5 minutes.

These 5 brands offer a single mattress, delivered directly to you and with the possibility to test the mattress for 100 days.

It’s simple and quite practical for anyone looking for the best mattress of the moment.

Comparison of The Best Mattress: Tests and Reviews

How to Choose Your Mattress?

To choose the right mattress we have created this site to help you in the process and to offer you a complete mattress comparison of the best mattress online 2018.

We compared the different brands that sell mattresses online on several criteria such as the price, quality, delivery, design and many other criteria.

Our comparative mattress and hence now there to help you buy a mattress online with ease.

How to define the best mattress? We conducted several tests on each mattress reference comparing them with each other based on several criteria such as comfort, support, maximum load, feeling, but also the price/quality ratio of different mattresses.

We then draw the strengths and weaknesses of each mattress brand and we who gets the best rating is designated best mattress of the moment. In any case, rest assured, the 5 mattresses we present here are good and you will not be disappointed if you do not take the mattress with the highest rating for example.

Between the two of us, we also have our small preferences, and this is played out a detail of times.

For my part, if I had to choose a single mattress among the 5 models we recommend, I will choose the mattress Eve.

You can read the article where I give my opinion eve mattress and find out why I appreciate the mattress Eve in this article

For Sophie, the mattress she chooses would be without hesitation the Casper mattress. She loves the texture of the foam from the Casper mattress.

She also talks about it in more detail in her opinion casper mattress she shares on this site.

But as said, that does not mean that the other 3 brands are not terrible. On the contrary, the 5 mattresses are really good but it’s just our little preference.

With time and use, we can review certain notes and adjust our opinions on different mattresses.

We keep our comparative mattress updated throughout the year , as up-to-date information is always much more convenient for you.

The date of last update of the selection of universal mattresses is indicated just above the comparative table of mattresses online.

Why this Quest to Search for the Best Mattress?

It all started a few years ago when we were ourselves looking for a good mattress. Difficult to choose from all brands on the market. I go to the store, I do tests on mattresses for 5 minutes, but I always come back indecisive. I talk to Sophie and then finally we look for information on the internet.

We discover new mattress brands such as Eve, Bruno, Casper, Simba, Emma, ​​Tediber or Le Matelas Français who only sell their mattresses online.

A little skeptical at first, we decided to take the plunge, because in the end we risk nothing with the guarantee of 100 nights to test and try the mattress.

And then we had the mattress of our son to change and thread to needle, it took a lot of fun to test the different mattresses first home and then with friends. So we did a comparative mattress to help and share our experience.

To sleep well and have a restful sleep,   it is essential to have a suitable mattress. The quality of sleep is essential to your fitness and your good mood on a daily basis. I sleep for 8 hours a day and I’m really fit.

In 2018, more and more people buy their mattresses on the internet. Buying a mattress on the internet is no longer scary to buyers and it must be said that brands have understood!

The mattresses are generally of good quality and then receive a mattress directly in a carton at home, it’s really very convenient!

I would not see myself renting a van and contorting myself on the stairs to install a mattress on the 3rd floor now …

Buy a Single Mattress on the Internet

All brands of bedding that we talk about on this site offer a single model of mattress that comes in several sizes.

Of course you will find your favorite sizes, standard sizes, but also custom sizes for some brands or even giant beds with 2 meters by 2 meters.

The mattresses are different depending on the brand, but all offer only one single universal mattress.

These mattresses are neither too soft nor too firm. They are suitable for all body types and for all sleeping types.

Each brand has developed its own combination of layers and technology to offer its unique mattress.

But it is not easy to see very clearly without having been able to test different mattresses, that is why we propose this comparative mattress on our site.

So what mattress to choose? We already avoid the jungle mattresses offered in a bedding store with foam mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, water mattresses and organic mattresses.

Here you have a single mattress suitable for all body types and all types of beds, whether you prefer a firm bed or a soft comfort.

The different mattresses offered by the 5 brands we are talking about all have in common:

  • The mattress is only sold on the internet on the brand website
  • Mattresses are not sold by other intermediaries, you buy only on their websites
  • Each brand offers a single mattress but in different sizes
  • The mattress is delivered directly to you at no extra cost
  • The mattress is compressed in a plastic and it will be sent in a carton (very convenient for installation)
  • You have 100 days to test the mattress, if you do not like it you can send it back free of charge

The Mattress is Guaranteed 10 Years

At the level of the technologies used, they are different according to the brands. That’s why to find the best mattress it is necessary to do different tests.

Of course these unique mattresses are available in several sizes, you will find for example the most standard sizes in France as the 140×190 or even the 160×200 but you will also find giant mattresses such as 200×200 for example.

What I like about traditional brands is that with these mattresses sold online, mattresses are generally better and cheaper.

Did you know that on a mattress sold € 1000 in a shop, only € 450 goes back to the manufacturer? The rest is of course engulfed by the margin of the dealer and intermediaries.

Here, as they sell only on their websites, there are no losses and brands can, therefore, make better mattresses with more expensive materials.You have a significant gain in quality .

The comfort is what I found with my mattress Eve for example. He is welcoming, I have no backache now and my spine is well maintained during the night. A good sleep is really important and I realized very quickly after changing my mattress.

Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-range mattress for your own bed or a mattress for an extra bed, the unique mattress is the mattress you need! There are cheap mattresses, but you will quickly regret your purchase … Better to put the good value for your future mattress.

Faced with the increase of brands offering an online mattress, it was, therefore, necessary to make a comparative mattress, because in the end, it began to become the same as for mattresses sold in stores, namely many brands and many models of the mattress.

Impossible to navigate!

And then each brand is of course different. If you are looking for a French mattress for example, we must look to the side of our opinion Tediber .

Comparison of The Best Mattress: Tests and Reviews

Really Competitive Offers and Rates

What I like about mattresses online is that there is only one brand to choose from as there is only one mattress per brand.

It’s a lot easier than trying 15 mattresses of the same brand in a shop … you get lost very quickly!

As you will see in our online mattress comparison, the rates are correct and you have a chance to test the mattress for 100 nights to see if it’s really the mattress that suits you.

If you are not satisfied with the mattress, you return it without charge and the brands refund you. It’s very useful !

It’s a lot better than trying a mattress 5 minutes in the store right?

Finding the best mattress is not easy, but it’s still better when you can change your mind if the mattress does not fit you!

We had statistics on the return rate for certain brands. On average, fewer than 4 in 100 people change their minds during the 100 night period. This is little! That’s why mattresses fit most people.

And then it is not in the logic of brands to offer bad mattresses, they pay to recover the mattress at home and this guarantee of 100 nights has a significant cost if everyone decides to return his mattress.

So you can already be sure to have in all cases, a mattress of very good quality at a fair price.

Now we will help you find the best mattress that matches YOUR need with our online mattress comparison.

At the level of the single mattress guarantee, you have 10 years warranty. And ten years is great!

So you have your best mattress covered for a long time whereas if you buy a mattress in store, the guarantee is often between 5 and 7 years only. An additional difference that counts in our comparative mattress.

What is a Universal Mattress for Traditional Brands?

You are right to ask yourself what these unique mattresses are worth! Better to do more accurate tests in this case, and it is UFC What to choose who has tested the different brands on several criteria such as mattress aging, but also comfort.

Well, the mattresses “internet” is doing very well since mattresses Eve and mattresses Tediber prove to be of equivalent quality to see superior in some respects to major brands like Simmons, Tempur, Epeda .

The price of a bultex mattress or simmons mattress is often very overvalued compared to the quality of the mattress itself.

Yet the mattresses of these major brands are more expensive (often 1300 € -1500 € for some high-end models) than a mattress Eve or Tediber … A height!

So there is more to prove that mattresses online are good mattresses! It remains to know what is the best mattress of the moment.

Comparative Mattress, Which Universal Mattress to Choose?

Not easy to make a choice. Each mattress has its own specificities and characteristics. In our team, we do not necessarily have the same preferences! Even though the mattress is supposed to be unique, some prefer one mattress brand to another.

Even with our comparative mattress, we come out 5 brands that stand out, but difficult to go further because these 5 brands all offer a quality mattress at competitive rates.

But if we absolutely had to choose the best mattress I would say that for years the whole, the Eve mattresses and mattress Casper we prefer.

You will find on this site different comparisons which allow comparing the mattresses between them. You will find the comparison Casper vs Simba by clicking on the orange link for example.

Universal mattresses are neither too soft nor too firm. They offer a comfortable sleeping comfort for all.

By cons, no mattress was “bad”! I mean, there are preferences within our team, but nobody can say that mattress I do not like it at all! It is therefore that each mattress is of quality!

Difficult to make a choice and give the best mattress of the moment.

If you are looking for a custom mattress, however, I recommend going to see the site of Eve because they offer to make a mattress to your dimensions. Just send a message and you will have a quote within 48 hours.

If you are looking for a baby mattress, Eve mattress also offers a good baby mattress in two sizes. The sleep of a baby is very important do not neglect the quality of its bedding.

The unique mattresses adapt very well also to your electric bed and they are treated against dust mites.

Better sleep is no longer a luxury now!

We advise you to look at our tests and our comparative mattress in more detail, to see according to the prices of the various mattresses and the size that you wish. You will inevitably find the mattress you need with our comprehensive tests.

Some offer coupon codes too! This can be interesting to lower the price of your best mattress …

In any case, we hope that our site will help you make your choice. It’s a complete guide to finding your happiness and choosing the best mattress for your next years.

Do not hesitate to consult our comparative mattress to compare different mattress brands.

You will inevitably find the model that you need according to and do not forget that a single mattress adapts to your box spring, but also to your box spring or even to your electric box spring. You will not need to change your box spring when buying your future mattress.

100 Days to try the Different Mattresses

In our comparative mattress, we present only brands that offer you to make an opinion directly to you for 100 days. Specifically, you order your best mattress and you try it at home quietly for several weeks.

It will be much easier for you to make your own opinion even if all the mattresses are suitable for all body types and all types of beds.

We find this guarantee much more reassuring than buying a mattress by testing it for 5 minutes only in a shop .

With Casper, Eve, Tediber, Simba and Emma, ​​you can try, use and enjoy the mattress quietly at home. If the mattress does not satisfy you 100%, you can send it back. These 5 brands offer this guarantee only because they are sure of their products.

We hope that our site “Best mattress” will help you make your choice thanks to our comparative online mattress.

In any case, by choosing a mattress of our selection, you will necessarily make the right choice

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