Eberlestock X2 Hunting Bagpack Review

Over the years, the hunting accessories have been perfected and one of the accessories that have received much more attention is the backpack. There are several types and the daypack is quite practical to use as it allows you to transport what you need in a convenient and easy way.

Choosing the right backpack can be so complicated because the market is awash with backpacks that are tailored to the needs of each consumer.

If you are still struggling with choosing the right backpack, do not worry as reading best hunting backpack reviews is a great way to know what suits you better. In this article, we shall narrow down our focus to the Eberlestock XS backpack so read on to find out what it offers.

Eberlestock X2 Hunting Bagpack Review

What’s the Design?

This backpack comes in different presentations to suit all tastes. There is the dry earth, the hide open veil hide, the hide open western slope and the wide-open timber veil as well as the multi-cam.

It has a bat wings design that perfectly combines with its compressor strips distributed horizontally and vertically to guarantee the stability of the load.

Its frame comes in aluminum bars that definitely offers more security. Its dimensions are 22.5 L x 16W x 6D, Cubic inches: 1,830 and Weight: 4lbs 8oz.


This backpack is equipped with pockets designed to safely store your hydration or other accessories for ease of access. At the bottom, there is the FlexChassis™, ready to flip it over and be used as a seat or as an aid for carrying more weight.

Its versatility lets you carry a variety of weapons and even adopt a bow pocket. You can adjust the bow pocket in a specific way for any type of rifle or compound bow.

Ingenious System

This feature makes it definitely superior to any day pack. You can easily attach the bow pocket to this backpack so if you want to quickly draw your weapon, you can simply do it without removing your backpack.

This helps in keeping your hands free from heavy baggage since your daypack will do all the work! As part of the endeavor to keep your hands free and safe, it is even designed to load your gun.

Unique Style

Although it is classified as a day pack and is perfect for going on a day hunting and allows you to be prepared for any eventuality, it also boasts of unique compartments where you can load your meat.

It is recommended for those hunters who like to load only the basic elements for hunting and survival while being cautious. It is compatible with A1SS or A2SS side scabbards that carry shotguns or full-scale hunting rifle.


  • It has been verified by its manufacturers. Even with a sandbag weighing 100 pounds, this backpack has resisted perfectly.
  •  Their external pockets facilitate access to essential tools such as hydration.
  •  It is designed for hunters who want to spend a great hunting day and carry tools as essential as the Flex chassis.
  •  It comes in various colors to suit all tastes.


  • It has few pockets.
  •  It only allows you to load strictly essential things.


The features of this backpack make it stand out from all the known day packs of its caliber, making it the best hunting backpack in its category.

Facilities such as a chair and the ability to adjust the pocket specifically for any type of rifle, are very important qualities that add to the success in this type of outdoor activities.

Once you wear this backpack and realize how easy it can be to hunt without having to load your weapon all the time, it will surely make you reconsider how you choose your hunting accessories

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