Our Test and Opinions on Decorative Singer Sewing Machine

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Technical Specifications of the Singer Decorative Sewing Machine

  • Number of points: 31 points 
  • Option Types: 4-step automatic buttonholes
  • Material provides: needles all types of fabrics
  • Feet: Straight stitch, decorative
  • Spool holder: metallic
  • Arm: free
  • Training claws: 6 heads
  • Warranty: 2 years

Our Test and Opinions on Decorative Singer Sewing Machine

The Number of Points and Option

The sewing machine presented offers 31 adjustable points according to your expectations and desires. It can then be used when sewing in a straight line, zigzag or for decoration. Here you can sew all types of fabrics, whether soft or rigid, thin or thick or even elastic! The machine also has the 4-step buttonhole option that will make it easier for you to set up your.

Spool Holder and Cans:

The reel gate set up by the manufacturer is metallic which is more considerable since most of the machine consists of a plastic spool holder often fragile. If the loose roll holder, you can say goodbye to your sewing machine because this piece is not changeable!

We can note that here the reels are plastic, they will have a limited life, we advise you later to buy metal cans that they will not become obsolete.

Our Test and Opinions on Decorative Singer Sewing Machine

Arms and Training Claws:

The device has a free arm that is easily removable which is very useful when you want to sew cylindrical shapes such as the cuffs of the sleeve or pants hems.

The training claws are 6 in number which offers perfect adhesion to any type of fabric. Also, the presser feet are adjustable in height, it will allow you to pass very thick fabrics.

Material Provided:

The package comes with a needle set and a stitching foot for decoration, this sewing kit is then not complete, it will think than to have your own equipment! However, the manufacturer offers the article with a sewing accessory box for 50 dollars more, which may be interesting for a person who does not yet have his equipment.


More recent than the initial Singer, the Singer Decorative is turning to a more experienced audience because it offers 31 adjustable sewing stitches in a straight line, zigzag or decoration, adjustment of the presser foot has been reflected to let thick material. Depending on the material you have, you can buy the best sewing machine 2018 with a complete sewing kit that will accompany you in your creations! It can also be emphasized that a warranty of 2 years is included, the price is reasonable when you see the quality of components and finishes.

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