The Best Headphones for Listening to Music

Before, re, mi, fa … It would seem that only seven simple notes, but the number of musical compositions has exceeded tens of millions. A similar situation is happening in the world of headphones, where they rule the ball as top companies, offering the high-quality buyer sound, assembly and materials, and budget brands, whose devices combine sound audio and affordable price. But to paraphrase one of the most famous sayings that a musician is a joy, then a gamer is a burden, we can say with confidence that almost every music lover faces the difficulty of choosing certain types of headphones. What devices will suit audiophiles? Does it make sense to overpay for the brand and what is better – gags or loose leaves? About this and many other things in the article about the best headphones from reviews of buyers.

Headphones of Which Company to Choose

Headphones – a device designed to listen to music from any multimedia device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. This type of device differs from the headsets by the lack of a microphone and musical orientation. By its design, headphones can be divided into four classes: inserts, plug-in “gags” (vacuum), overhead, full-size.

Each subclass of headphones has its own design features. So vacuum models have better noise isolation, and full-size headphones best convey the sound output from the device.

But in the Era of Modern Technology There Are Two More Types:

Wireless headphones presented in all form factors are distinguished by the presence of a built-in battery and wireless connection to the device via Bluetooth or radio channel;

gaming headsets – models with a microphone, designed for game battles.

Almost every self-respecting company that produces headphones has in its arsenal models of different types and price categories.

When choosing headphones, you should pay attention to the following manufacturers:


Top company, for half a century engaged in the production of audio equipment. In the line of “Senhayzera” there are many models that have become popular all over the world. German headphones differ from others not only with a wonderful sound, but also with the highest quality of assembly and durability.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music


Talking about the popularity of Walkman players does not make sense, since the Japanese brand has been producing not only quality media devices for many years, but also acoustics. Among the “Sony” models are both ultra budget solutions, and devices of the medium and top level, capable of satisfying even the most sophisticated music lover.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music


American firm that produces devices of budget and middle segment. Some models of the company managed to acquire a prefix “legendary”.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music


A representative of the budget segment of headphones. The Japanese manufacturer focuses its attention on the release of cheap models of various form factors.

However, the world of manufacturers of headphones is not limited to the above-mentioned firms. So on the market there are top companies: Audio Technica, Beats, Beyerdynamic, Shure, Marshall, offering high-quality natural sound for a price inaccessible to the average buyer. The earphones of these brands, first of all, are acquired by true music lovers and professionals, and their cost sometimes reaches the price tag of the top “MacBook”.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music

But Chinese companies are ready to grab their piece of the pie. So among model rulers Meizu and Xiaomi there are worthy decisions, differing, first of all, the low price and good functionality.

The Best in-ear Headphones

Philips SHE2550

Philips SHE2550 is an affordable budget model with a wide frequency reproduction range (12 – 22000 Hz) and high quality of used materials. At a price of several hundred rubles, the user receives headphones of interesting design with sound and clear bass. The headphones perfectly fit any smartphone and allow you to listen to music with comfort for yourself and others.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music

However, 15 mm rubberized liners do not suit all users. Yes, and in the cold wire excludes their use in the frosty winter.


  • low price;
  • sufficiently high-quality sound with a large frequency range and bass;
  • the presence of foam pads in the kit;
  • interesting design.


  • “Straight” wire mini-jack, as a consequence, a possible cable break at the base;
  • large 15-mm “bowls”;
  • A thin cable, instantly turning into a “stone” in the cold.

Sennheiser MX 170

Sennheiser MX 170 – the most affordable model on the market, the company “Sennheiser”. Model MX170 at a small price gives a completely high-quality sound, comparable to vacuum headphones. Of course, the bass in the “ears” is not enough, but they are more than accompanied by high frequencies. The quality and convenience of wearing headphones at a height, but soundproofing leaves much to be desired. However, this problem can be traced in all models of this type.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music

A stiff thin wire of 1.2 meters in length may seem flimsy to many, but if you carefully use the MX 170 headphones for the intended purpose, they will last more than one year. In the kit there is an additional set of ear cups.


  • an acceptable price for a German brand;
  • good sound;
  • spare ear pads included;
  • L-shaped 3.5-mm mini jack.


  • at maximum volume, “bawl” bass;
  • thin wire.

Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods – one of the most popular liners in the world thanks to the iPhone smartphone. These headphones come complete with an “apple” device “and differ from their classmates with a high price and stylish design. The sound of the Apple EarPods is at a decent level, and the unique shape of the earpiece allows you not to fall out even when you’re doing sports.


From the advantages of the model, you can also highlight the presence of a control panel and a microphone on the wire. However, this plus is also a kind of a minus, as some devices incorrectly recognize Apple’s headphones.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music


  • high-quality sound with high detail;
  • Compact package a-la case for storing headphones;
  • easy handling and wearing;
  • the ability to use headphones as a headset;
  • presence of a remote control on the wire.


  • high price in comparison with analogs;
  • problems with recognizing the remote on Android-smartphones.

Best Vacuum Headphones

Panasonic RP-HJE125

Panasonic RP-HJE125 – the best budget model in the class of plug-in “gags.” Vacuum headphones from Panasonic have a good sound with a wide range of frequencies and rich bass. However, there is little trace of the lack of high frequencies, especially when listening to songs from “music smartphones.”


The earpiece housing, available in eight colors, is made of durable enough plastic, and the design of the model emphasizes the “youth” orientation. The kit contains three pairs of replaceable ear cups. The headphones have an L-shaped plug and rather thin wire, hardening in frosty weather.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music


  • Low price for sound;
  • excellent noise insulation;
  • a set of additional ear cups for different sizes of the auricles;
  • L-shaped plug;
  • a wide choice of colors of the case together with a beautiful design.


  • thin and flaky wire;
  • the absence of high frequencies.


Sennheiser CX-300 II

Sennheiser CX-300 II – a legendary model of headphones, sold on the Russian market for 8 years. Despite such a long time, the CX-300 II is considered one of the best “gags” in the average price range. Pleasant design, high-quality body materials and silicone-like wire played into the hands of the German brand. As for sound, its quality is at a high level. Bass and treble enough, the sound is voluminous and soft. At high volume, the hearing does not cut, and soundproofing allows you to use headphones as earplugs.

Included with the headphones are three pairs of interchangeable ear cups for different sizes of ears, as well as a leatherette cover, which can also be fitted to the player in addition to the headphones. The data of “sensitizers” has practically no minuses, except for strong packaging, which is not so easy to open. However, an asymmetric wire for many may be a disadvantage.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music


  • The best ratio of price and quality;
  • high-class sound, clear bass and high frequencies;
  • a set of additional interchangeable attachments, carrying case;
  • L-shaped plug and wire, not freezing in the cold;
  • beautiful soundproofing;
  • Classic design with aluminum inserts.


  • asymmetrical wire;
  • simple plastic packaging.


Sennheiser IE 4

Sennheiser IE 4 is another representative of the German music brand. However, unlike the 300-the model, IE4 belong to a more expensive segment. High reliability coupled with a chic sound allows German headphones to be one of the most famous “gags” in the world. Headphones are prominent for listening to music of various genres, and high-quality soundproofing allows you to enjoy your favorite songs even in the subway.

The appearance of the headphones is conservative and moderately simple. The wire through thin, but it is strong enough. Due to the special design of the cable, there is a microphone effect, which can sometimes cause short-term discomfort. Packing of headphones plastic a la “Made in China”, and in the complete set there are only replaceable silicone ear pads.

The Best Headphones for Listening to Music


  • high-quality sound;
  • suitable for listening to any songs;
  • a set of additional replaceable ear-cups;
  • strength and durability, proven by time;
  • high-class noise insulation.


  • entangled wire;
  • microphone effect of the cable;
  • simple plastic packaging.

Which Headphones to Buy

  1. In search of cheap headphones for listening to music from your phone or tablet, the usual “inserts” will do. One of the most affordable models are the Philips SHE2550. However, there are also expensive copies of a-la Apple EarPods on the market. But this option is most suitable for music lovers who, due to the anatomy of their own ear can not wear “gags”.
  2. In fact, it is the plug-in (vacuum) headphones that can provide the user with high-quality sound coupled with excellent noise isolation. Need “gags”, but there is no desire to overpay? Pay attention to the available model Panasonic RP-HJE125. If you want a better sound, the best option will be the Sennheiser CX-300 II, which is one of the most popular models of the German company.
  3. As for the overhead headphones, the Sony MDR-ZX310 is quite suitable for listening to music from a phone or an MP3 player. Music lovers will also get the top-of-the-line Porta Pro model from Koss. If you are looking for a “golden mean” between sound quality and price, then Sennheiser PX 100-II is your option.
  4. In the class of full-size headphones in the budget segment, Philips SHP2000 is leading, combining not only sound sound, but also an affordable price. For fans of highly detailed audio, German Sennheiser HD 215 II, sold in the market since 2008, will suit.
  5. With wireless models of headphones in the device market is created a complete “disgrace” in the good sense of the word. Manufacturers experiment with many form factors. So, if you prefer to go in for sports, the wireless headset Meizu EP-51 at a price of a couple of thousand rubles will be the best solution. If the “gags” are not for you, then take a look at the available SVEN AP-B350MV invoices. At a low price the manufacturer offers a good sound in a sturdy package.
  6. If we are talking about the choice of gaming headphones, then almost none of the above models will not work, as the criteria for choosing a headset for games are slightly different. You can see the best game solutions in the article “The best gaming sets based on buyers’ reviews”.

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